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This Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company is a global leader in the beverage industry, offering over 500 brands in 207 countries, 1.9 billion servings per day, 750 products in North America, and running over 100 promotions every year.

The Business Challenges

The CPG company was able to handle Day 1 operations, like Disaster Recovery and basic core system patching, but needed a scalable mechanism to enforce consistent configurations across a large number of disparate environments.  The company also wanted to enable automated compliance with governance policies at scale across a distinct set of applications, teams and organizational units for both internal and external customer workloads.

The CPG company already had hundreds of workloads live in AWS. Without a dedicated IP space for each workload, there was significant overlap between each (separate AWS accounts) that required rethinking and altering the architecture – removing MCollective – to accommodate this design pattern.

Retrofitting these workloads without breaking them was one significant technical and business challenge the company faced.  There were also issues identifying mechanisms to handle auto-signed certificates to authorize individual node check-in to the master server.

After evaluating multiple Configuration Management tools, the company chose 2nd Watch Configuration Management as a Service, powered by Puppet, in part because of its past experience in working with 2nd Watch and in part because of 2nd Watch’s expertise in the area and with the AWS platform.

The 2nd Watch Solution

DevOps Logo_Light2nd Watch assisted in the initial tool evaluation process, helped the organization through its internal procurement challenges, created a new service offering specifically to meet its needs and handled the full project implementation lifecycle that followed – architecting new technical solutions such as an automated certificate signing process to enable check-in of new nodes to the master server without manual intervention.  2nd Watch was responsible for 100% of the design and implementation, with the client team acting in an advisory, SME and approval role.

The project took 2.5 months to complete and used Amazon Route53, ELB, EC2, EBS, Lambda, SNS, S3, Glacier, Code Commit, Code Deploy, IAM, VPC, RDS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch and Cloudformation, among other AWS products and services.

All of the company’s AWS workloads are now handled by 2nd Watch.

The Business Benefits

By working with 2nd Watch and AWS, the CPG company significantly reduced operational support overhead and acquired an ability to scale more rapidly over time while still maintaining control and governance over its deployed workloads.

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