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SCOR gained SOC2 compliance and better security by migrating its Velogica business to AWS with 2nd Watch design, migration and management services, reducing its hosting and support costs up to 30%.
Expertise Far Beyond Standard
2nd Watch was among the first AUDITED and APPROVED AWS Managed Service Partners and is the only cloud native partner to earn SOC2 compliance — with a perfect score — and maintain AWS Premier Partner status since the original group of 15 was selected. 2nd Watch software and services exceed AWS’ high bar for standard that includes deep technical understanding, extensive use case and practical application, customer references and certified staff.

Let us handle your managed AWS cloud, so you can focus on the business while we keep the lights on and remodel! If you “designed-for-change,” we will optimize your environment so it runs better and saves money. With the introduction of the C class instances, customers that moved from M class saved over 40% by moving rapidly and without interruption.

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Single Vendor
There are many choices in the market place, and you need a trusted partner with real-world expertise that is an expert on AWS and the products that integrate well and the ones that do not. 2nd Watch simplifies your procurement and technical process by being a single point for negotiations.
2nd Watch solutions are delivered by AWS Certified Professionals with the objective of keeping your environment up and running, securing your data, and saving you time to focus on building your business.
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Security & Compliance

Our managed AWS cloud teams identify impending threats and proactively implement resolutions that protect your data. 2nd Watch partners with Alert Logic to help ensure your environment’s security. Our intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, log management and web application firewall solutions run natively in AWS environments and take advantage of unique cloud capabilities like auto-scaling.

Download 2nd Watch security partner, Alert Logic’s, Cloud Security Report to learn about the state of security across customer cloud and on-premises infrastructures, or read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for a rundown on The True Cost of Security: In-House vs Alert Logic.

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You will benefit from quicker timer-to-market and increased speed, agility, and innovation when you “design-for-change”. The value of deploying every 7 minutes versus 6 weeks will allow you to do more, more and learn quicker to make critical business adjustments.
Life Cycle Management
2nd Watch AWS cloud solutions help you manage the life cycle of your workloads. Whether your workloads are “designed-for-change” or there is a change in the infrastructure, our team proactively helps you managed the life cycle of your workload.
Lifecycle Management
Cost Savings
Because we use automation tools that integrate with your operations as part of our managed cloud, you don’t need to hire departments of specialists to handle your public cloud.
Cost Savings
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