Managed Cloud
2nd Watch offers three levels of Managed Cloud services and AWS SLAs through our Cloud Management Platform to reduce the complexity and risk associated with self-service technology. Our expert staff will make the onboarding process hassle-free and smooth, whether you are looking for guided services, professional services, frontline operations or programmatic infrastructure. Additional services are available as add-ons to our three levels of service.
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Security & Compliance for Public Clouds
For price, flexibility and many other reasons, organizations are increasingly looking to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services to house or augment their IT infrastructure. While cloud providers deliver a strong security foundation, you are still responsible for protecting the applications and data in your cloud environment from threats such as web application attacks and brute force attempts. 2nd Watch partners with Alert Logic to help ensure your environment’s security. Our intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, log management and web application firewall solutions run natively in AWS environments and take advantage of unique cloud capabilities like auto-scaling. Alert Logic may be provided as a part of our service:
  • Web Security Manager delivers inline protection of web applications from dangerous cyber threats such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting, along with full coverage of OWASP Top Ten attacks. Using a combination of both positive and negative security models, Web Security Manager blocks malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to pass unaffected. Designed and built for Amazon Web Services, Web Security Manager Auto Scales with protected cloud instances. Learn More.
  • Threat Manager is a network intrusion detection system (IDS) solution for Amazon EC2, providing 24×7 monitoring of threats that could compromise data or impact system availability. Learn More.
  • Log Manager delivers security monitoring of log data by collecting, parsing, analyzing and archiving data. Learn More.
Download Alert Logic’s Cloud Security Report to learn about the state of security across customer cloud and on-premises infrastructures, or read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for a rundown on The True Cost of Security: In-House vs Alert Logic.
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2nd Watch migrated all three Crate & Barrel web and e-commerce properties from a traditional hosting facility to AWS, so the company can scale up on demand and handle hundreds of checkouts per minute and significantly reduce the eCommerce platform monthly operating cost.
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