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Case Studies

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2nd Watch has provided AWS IT Operations solutions to companies and industries across the nation to help run their business more efficiently.

Premier Media Company 2

2nd Watch migrated over 300 servers to AWS, shutting down this premier media company’s primary data center, readying it to expand its digital footprint.

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2nd Watch built a highly scalable, elastic and highly available environment for this Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Company’s consumer promotion to accommodate a seamless customer experience.

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With 120,000+ active sites, tens of millions of email messages processed each month and 100 TB of data served each month, Business Catalyst required the computing power of three global datacenters in order to support their existing customer base.

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To simplify a complex and ever-changing business environment, Lenovo needed a solution that allowed their Business Partner community in North America to seamlessly get access to all resources needed to do business with Lenovo.  The solution had to be secure and accessible for partners 24/7 as well as consolidate the resources into one location, be easily and quickly updated and provide single sign-on capability to all the partner resources.

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Kent State University was looking to migrate a number of their applications to the cloud in order to take advantage of some of key features which allow for quicker time to market, improved efficiencies, and enable them to spend less time on Ops work.

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Ecolite Manufacturing did not view technology as a strategic part of their business. This cost Ecolite tens of thousands of dollars a year in servers, memory and maintenance. In addition, Ecolite experienced continual loss in productivity and efficiency due to technology downtime.

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Gravity Jack needed to upgrade from a Tier 1 to a Tier 2 infrastructure with comprehensive monitoring tools, reliable load balancing, and larger database capacity. The company was also looking for the ability to transfer software licenses – all within a short implementation timeframe.

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Demand Energy Networks (DEN) was looking for an IT solution with a high level of security and is FISMA moderate with NIRC/CIP compliant. They were also looking for a solution that would avoid capital and operational expenses associated with the physical infrastructure and onsite management of their testing and development servers and collaboration tools.

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Tomlinson recently began several initiatives to enhance customer experience and improve responsiveness to cyclical business demands. These initiatives include expansion into mobile platforms, cloud computing, and digital document indexing.

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Pro Mechanical Services had to upgrade their Exchange Server. With both in office and mobile workers, communications between groups was difficult. Pro Mechanical needed control, security and a reliable service.

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Red Lion had already started to build the new platforms using the Umbraco content management system, Windows and SQL Server, but was undecided on a hosting environment. The company was dissatisfied with the cost and scalability of its existing co-location facility, so it brought in cloud computing solutions provider 2nd Watch to conduct an analytical evaluation of hosting options in relation to Red Lion’s technical and business goals.

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Torrent launched TorrentFlood® from a Seattle co-location facility but the company’s backup and disaster recovery (DR) environments were situated in an operations center in Kalispell, Montana. Between these two sites, Torrent spent millions of dollars on physical hardware.

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North Idaho Health Network wanted to decommission its physical infrastructure, including Exchange 2010, in order to leverage cloud services in lieu of managing hardware on premises. The company wanted to migrate its large amount of data from file shares to Microsoft SharePoint Online, in addition to migrating its users from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.

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When CypherWorx customers began complaining about slow service, the company began looking for a new solution to host and deliver courses and give customers access to its in-house developed eLearning software. With more than 5,000 users accessing the service at once, the company switched its cloud environment from its previous cloud infrastructure provider to AWS.

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Spokane Hoopfest, the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament, takes advantage of AWS to support more than 250,000 attendees with the help of 2nd Watch’s cloud migration and management services.

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