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The public cloud has changed the rules of running business. Our AWS cloud services and vertical solutions remove traditional compute capacity constraints, create enterprise agility and reduce computing costs.
AWS Media and Entertainment Solutions

2nd Watch is the leader in cloud migration and hosting for media and entertainment companies. Today, these organizations require technologies and tools that facilitate bringing the highest quality content to audiences worldwide. By leveraging the public cloud, these companies are able to innovate more rapidly and deploy editorial content, design, digital marketing, advertising, and video. 2nd Watch has helped leading global Media and Entertainment companies migrate existing Digital Marketing Campaigns and Business Applications as well as launch new Big Data projects and Cloud Native applications at a fraction of the existing cost and within days versus months.

2nd Watch solutions ensure compliance and security, like Sarbanes Oxley, PII and PCI requirements Whether you are running hybrid, dedicated or pure cloud solution, our data protection services safeguard your data at rest and in transit With 2nd Watch Managed Cloud, you have greater flexibility and agility that enables you to focus on improving your research methods and ing to garner faster, quantitative results.

Security & Compliance

We offer a range of security strategies, services and tools to protect your data. We implement highly-secure access, managed firewalls, establish AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA), private subnets through Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), patching, and encrypt data as well as much more for your workloads. Additional services for highly-compliant workloads are offered, like intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and log management. We ensure the workloads that require HIPAA, SOC2, FEDRAMP, or PCI are secure and compliant in the public cloud.

Download 2nd Watch security partner, Alert Logic’s, Cloud Security Report to learn about the state of security across customer cloud and on-premises infrastructures, or read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for a rundown on The True Cost of Security: In-House vs Alert Logic.

Security & Compliance
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2nd Watch helped Condé Nast migrate over 300 servers in development, and production envrionments to AWS in only two months, shutting down its primary data center and improving performance 30-40% and operating costs by nearly 40%.
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