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Shift Your Workloads On Time and On Budget
2nd Watch Cloud Migration Services enables enterprise workloads to be migrated to the public cloud with little to no refactoring of the application. Our AWS Migration Services are led by AWS-Certified professionals that are AWS Certified Solutions Architects and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers.
Bulk Migration
Part of our AWS Migration Services, 2nd Watch Cloud Factory Services automates enterprise workload migrations to the public cloud. 2nd Watch Cloud Factory Services is powered by the industry’s first fully automated bulk-cloud migration technology. Migration Orchestrator automates the end-to-end migration workflow for moving bulk workloads from the data center to the public cloud. This automated workflow includes extraction, batching, conversion, importing, configuring, launching, and ing.
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Support for Any Workload Type

2nd Watch Cloud Workload Migration can migrate any type of workload to the public cloud, including voice, big data, and dev, eCommerce, line-of-business, and more.

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Virtual Machine Conversion
2nd Watch Migration Orchestrator automates the conversion of your virtual machine images into public cloud compute and storage resources, eliminating the need for code refactoring.
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Operational Compliance

2nd Watch Cloud Architecture Design translates your infrastructure security and performance requirements into the AWS architecture and controls.

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Reliable Schedule
2nd Watch Migration Sequence Plans compresses cloud migration timelines. Our proprietary task sequencing eliminates bottlenecks (such as data replication) and delivers within your schedule and migration windows.
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Predictable Costs
2nd Watch Cost Optimization uses architecture refinements to both maximize your return on expense and provide an expenditure forecast for ongoing workload operations.
Fixed Price
2nd Watch Cloud Factory Services is the only workload migration solution that defines all costs and deliverables up front, to minimize your risk and maximize your return.
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AWS cloud
AWS Native Solution

Our certified AWS experts, methodologies, and tools are the best in the industry, with more than 200,000 instances under management across hundreds of customers.

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Conde Nast
2nd Watch helped Condé Nast migrate over 300 servers in development, and production envrionments to AWS in only two months, shutting down its primary data center and improving performance 30-40% and operating costs by nearly 40%.
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Find out how Yamaha migrated to AWS with 2nd Watch's AWS Migration Services and realized $500,000 annual savings

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