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A component of our 2W Atlas Cloud Studio, 2W Insight was designed for Enterprise IT environments. 2W Insight decodes AWS usage and billing to enable users to manage AWS usage in an easy to understand, streamlined manner. Whether you’re a single or multi-department enterprise, 2W Insight gives you transparency into and control over your AWS usage and cost.


Understand the true cost of your
IT services


Allocate IT costs and cloud usage to
business units, projects,
departments etc.


Gain tangible, usage & costing data
to accurately plan & determine
ROI for future IT operating costs


Key Features

  • Easily allocate AWS usage throughout your enterprise
    • Organization, Business Units, Cost Center and/or Projects
    • Share a team’s cloud spend with built-in Showback reports
    • Rolls up tier discounts and RIs across your organization
  • Group tags across AWS accounts
  • Visually compare previous month’s usage
  • View & analyze AWS Service data by product group, product category & resource


Enterprise Dashboard Provides Critical Information at a Glance


Product Group Detail Page Provides Detailed Information on all Usage Types


Resource Track, Report, and Analyze Cost and Usage with AWS Tags


Built in Showback Reports Enables Allocation of Costs Across the Enterprise



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