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Shift Happens
The economics of computing have changed for good–and it’s time for your company to take advantage of the shifts happening in the public cloud.
A shift in maturity.
Public cloud services have rapidly evolved from simple elastic computing to full-scale enterprise services.
A shift in economics.
Public cloud services continue to outpace the efficiencies achievable by most existing data centers.
A shift in paradigm.
Changing tools and techniques have transformed the IT paradigm, making the cloud a more productive environment for new workload development.
Amazon Web Services - Partner Network2nd Watch can help you shift to the public cloud. We are an original and current AWS Premier Partner, with more than 75,000 instances under management across hundreds of customers.
2nd Watch has the skills, methodologies, and tools to economically and reliably shift enterprise workloads into the public cloud. Our workload migration services, managed workload services, and workload management solutions accelerate your enterprise agility objectives while lowering your computing costs.
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