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the cloud strategy and operations leader

Cloud Computing is reshaping enterprise IT operations. Today’s CIO’s and IT Leaders are faced with the daunting task of maintaining their current, often complex IT infrastructure while determining how to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud.  The journey to the AWS cloud can be complicated as it is transformational and requires a new set of design and deployment skills and processes, management practices and reporting methodologies to ensure you reach your goals.

Slow cloud migration will delay time-to-market and time-to-revenue, while going too fast can lead to improper cloud choices that reduce ROI and impact user experience. 2nd Watch is your strategic and operational partner and will guide you through your cloud journey, so you can concentrate on running your business rather than your Cloud IT infrastructure. We have the Enterprise Cloud Expertise and Experience, Proven Migration and Management Methodologies and Leading Managed Cloud Platform to get your enterprise migrated to and running efficiently in the cloud.

Why 2nd Watch?

Cloud Migration


Transitioning applications to the cloud can be complex, as cloud resources are different from traditional IT infrastructure and are constantly changing. Making the wrong cloud decisions can result in cloud services that may not meet demands, cost too much, or not be secure.


The 2nd Watch cloud migration team has extensive experience working with enterprise clients to migrate web properties, applications, and entire data centers to the cloud. We get you to the cloud quickly, ensure your environments meet your needs, and help you address internal operations issues needed to be successful in the cloud.


We needed a firm that could help us stay on top of all the latest changes on AWS and ensure that our hosting environment is always where it needed to be in terms of performance. [2nd Watch] guessed at our issues before we told them what was going on. It was comforting to know that they understood the unique aspects of our situation, our client needs and our software code.

Managed Cloud Platform


After moving your IT operations into AWS, do you have the skills to effectively run in AWS? Optimize your platform for efficiency and cost? Integrate into your corporate enterprise IT environment? 2nd Watch’s managed cloud platform delivers comprehensive infrastructure and applications management to ensure your enterprise workloads operate efficiently in the cloud.


With our focus on AWS operations, we optimize your AWS IT operations platform for efficiency, uptime, security and lowest possible cost, as well as effectively tie into and manage your AWS IT infrastructure. Our managed cloud platform was designed specifically to manage applications and datacenters in an enterprise environment. We offer flexible, scalable solutions, proactively monitor your AWS platform, and identify ways to optimize your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


2nd Watch migrated Business Catalyst’s three datacenters to the AWS cloud, eliminating the costs associated with managing Adobe’s on-premise infrastructure.

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