2nd Watch

  • Phone: 1-888-317-7920
  • Mail: info@2ndwatch.com
  • Website: http://2ndwatch.com
  • Address: 2310 N Molter, Liberty Lake, WA 99019
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Your Cloud IT Operations Partner.

We are your cloud IT operations partner. Our goal is to get you migrated to and running efficiently on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. The journey to get into the AWS cloud can be complicated, but we’ll guide you along the way and take it from there, so you can concentrate on running your business rather than your IT infrastructure.

After moving your IT operations into AWS, do you have the skills to effectively run in AWS? Optimize your platform for efficiency and cost? Integrate into your corporate enterprise IT environment? With our focus on AWS operations we can help your team build and optimize an AWS IT operations platform for efficiency, uptime, security and lowest possible cost, as well as effectively tie into and manage your AWS IT infrastructure.

Our products and services are built specifically to manage AWS-based applications and datacenters in an enterprise environment. We offer flexible, scalable solutions, proactively monitor your AWS platform, and identify ways to optimize your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

Why 2nd Watch?

Amazon Web Services - Partner Network


2nd Watch migrated Business Catalyst’s three datacenters to the AWS cloud, eliminating the costs associated with managing Adobe’s on-premise infrastructure.

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cs-logo-gravityjackAs a cutting edge, rapidly growing company, we knew that we needed a solution that was flexible with our growth and expansion, while still providing the strength and reliability we needed. AWS provided all this, along with a solution provider like 2nd Watch as a member of our team that is always ready to assist. It’s clear from our experience already that we made the right choice.